Refund Policy

In case there is an application denial by the Government of Australia, a total refund will be available to all users who have made their application through us.

If you want to request a refund once your application has been submitted unfortunately it won't be possible to refund the Government fee, but you can absolutely apply to be considered for receiving a refund of the agency application service fee.

Unfortunately if you have received your approved application, a refund will no longer be available.

From the moment you submit your application with us, it is understood that we will begin the application process within the respected timeframe.

In case there is any indication the payment has been made in a fraudulent way this website is having the right to freeze all the payments and don't make any refund till we get clear who did the payment and with which credit card. This is because the website is exposed to have some future issues with the real owner of the credit card if we keep going with the process like this.

If you need to request a refund, email us at .

All refund requests we receive will be processed within 72 hours of the initial request.

Please include the following information in your refund email:

- Your reason for the request - Your full name (as appears in your passport) - Your application ID - The email used to make the registration on this website